Tips When Using Hand Trucks To Move Tires Around A Shop

Hand trucks—or dollies—are important resources for tire shops that frequently have to move tires between different locations. If you're responsible for navigating this material handling equipment around one of these environments, you should observe a couple of protocols.

Check the Wheels Before Using

The wheels are pivotal resources for hand trucks used to move tires around and, as such, you need to inspect them before you start moving tires back and forth with the transport equipment. That can save you future problems with the wheels that would otherwise be more work to resolve. 

Look at each tire on the bottom of your hand truck and assess any damage that may be present. Then if you need to repair one of the tires, you can do so much easier compared to if you already loaded tires on the hand truck for transportation to a different area.

Use Around the Appropriate Surfaces

If you want your hand truck to hold up—particularly the tires on the bottom—then you need to only use this material handling equipment around the approved surfaces. Then you won't have to worry about severe tire damage that would be inconvenient to deal with. 

For instance, if you have a tire hand truck that's rated to work on only indoor surfaces, you need to stick to these areas. Whereas if you have a dolly that has off-road capabilities, you can move tires outside without causing any damage to this material handling tool.

Add a Textured Surface if Hand Truck Doesn't Already Have This Feature

One of the most important features to look for in a hand truck for tire transportation is a textured surface. If your hand truck doesn't have this surface currently, then you should consider adding it before getting heavily involved in tire transportation around a shop.

You'll find this feature convenient to use because it will keep tires firmly in place on the platform of your hand truck. That's going to make it a lot easier to move tires to and from different destinations, even if you plan on moving more than one tire at a time.

Hand trucks make it a lot easier and safer to move tires around a shop. If you have one or just purchased this material handling equipment, there are a couple of protocols you want to comply with. Then this device can remain a valuable resource that saves you energy and time moving tires around.