3 Tips To Maximize The Life Of Your Tires

Your tires and wheels arguably take more abuse on every drive than any other part of your vehicle. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your wheels, you'll need to get into the habit of performing regular maintenance checks and tasks. Car owners who are searching for high-end tires like those from a dealer that offers aodhan wheels for sale will want to be extra judicious about protecting their investment. Here are 3 tire tips every car owner should follow.

Maintain the Correct Pressure

Not all tires are created equal. Tires from different name brands can require different internal pressures for maximum performance. This is especially true for high-end or custom tires. Check your owner's manual or the documentation that came with your new tires to check for the recommended internal tire pressure. Get into the habit of checking your tire pressure every other time you stop for a gas refill. The better you maintain your tire pressure, the longer your tire's lifespan will hopefully be.

Rotate Regularly

As you drive down the road, some wear and tear on the tires is to be expected. But did you know that most of the wear and tear will be on just one side of the tire? In order to maximize your tire lifespan, you should periodically rotate your tires so that you are not wearing down the tread on only one side. Every oil change is a good opportunity to ask the auto mechanic to rotate your tires as well.

Check Alignment and Tread

Your car's alignment getting out of whack is one thing that can quickly wear down the tread on your tires. Alignment can sometimes be thrown off by hitting a pot hole or another similar impact. If you let go of the steering wheel on a flat road and the car always seems to naturally drift to the left or right, your alignment might need an adjustment. Likewise, get into the habit of inspecting the tread on your tires on a regular basis. Too much wear and tear on the shoulders of the tires could also be a sign that there is an alignment problem.

If you are interested in high-end tires, you are also likely interested in maximizing tire lifespan. Regularly check your tire pressure and tread. Rotate the tires on a regular basis. If you notice your car's alignment is out of whack, take it in to an auto shop immediately.