Important Tire Maintenance Tips To Prepare For A Car Trip

Preparation of your vehicle is a very important part of planning any adventure on a road trip. The safety of you and your family depends on how well your car is maintained. The tires are what get you to your destination and should be carefully inspected before you are ready to leave for your fun filled journey. Here are a few suggestions to accomplish the task.

Visual Inspection

You can check the exterior of the tire to see if there are any bulges or tears on the surface. Bulges may be an indication the tire is close to a 'blow-out.' You don't want to chance that interrupting your trip. It could also cause the vehicle to swerve and cause an accident.

Tread Wear          

Most states have specific laws governing the tread wear on your tires. Wear bars are a safety warning placed on tires sold in North America. This is a visible indication on the tire showing it is time to purchase new tires. The simplest way to measure the tread is with a gauge. This is where common sense is a factor. You don't want to place anyone in an unsafe situation.

Usually, when the tire has reached a tread of 2/32", it is time to find a new tire. In areas where you are traveling in wet road conditions the limit is 4/32" and snowy conditions the limit to consider is 5/32".

Air Pressure

Your automobile manufacturer indicates the proper amount of pressure in the owner's manual. If you don't have a manual, you should be able to locate one on the Internet. You can also find the information on the door frame of the vehicle.

Tires Balanced

To obtain the best wear on your tires, you need to be sure they are correctly balanced. If you observe uneven wear on the tread of the tire, this is an indication you probably have an alignment issue. If the wheels are out of balance, the vehicle may vibrate or shimmy when you are on the highway.

In Case of a Flat Tire

Before you leave, check for the basics in your trunk in case you have a tire problem on the road. You may not always have the option of a repair service. Be sure you have a jack, a spare tire, a lug wrench with a pry bar on the other end.

 It is also a good idea to have some flares, a poncho in case of rain, and a blanket to place on the ground. You might also want a flashlight and extra batteries. It is always a good idea to be prepared.

Regular maintenance is the best cure for any vehicle's safety. Prevention of any hazardous condition on the side of the road because of a faulty tire can be eliminated if you use the above suggestions. Now, go and tour the countryside and have a great trip. Contact a tire shop, like Evans Tire & Service Centers, for more information.